Build Better – Make it a Dream Home

dream home, building a home, building suppliesBuilding a dream home requires quality products, reliable services and strategic partners you can trust to help you every step of the way. Whether you are a national or custom builder, or an owner building your own dream home, let Sunroc Building Materials expand your capabilities with assistance from our building material professionals.

Quality Materials

Quality matters. Ensure you get the highest quality materials at the best prices for your home.

Our Sunroc team would love to review your plans to ensure you get a bid for the products you want at the right quantity and quality. This service is of no cost to you – it’s simply a service we offer to ensure our customers are successful on their projects.

If you’d like us to help you get started, click here to send us your plans.

Breadth of Services

Sunroc Building Materials carries thousands of building products. We hope to make your job easier by having nearly everything you need for your job, in one place. This includes lumber, trusses, windows, doors, and more.

As a Clyde Company, we also have access to additional building services and resources through our sister companies. Need concrete, asphalt, rock products or site work for your project? We’d love to work with Geneva Rock Products or Sunroc Construction to help make your project a success.

Builder Rewards

Who doesn’t want to get rewarded for their hard work? Building homes takes time, talent and a watchful eye that can take up your mornings, nights and weekends. When you work with Sunroc to build a dream home, we reward you for every dollar you spend with us. Rewards include gift cards, travel vouchers and destination getaways for two.

Want extra points? Purchases with our sister companies also result in reward points through the Sunroc Rewards program.