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Steel Exterior Doors

Fire Rated Steel Exterior Doors

With Sunroc you’ll find beautiful authentic wood grain steel doors from Classic-Craft. You’ll be able to decide many customization options, so the door will fit your project perfectly. Our doors are:

  • 90-minute positive pressure fire rated and 20-minute smoke and draft rated
  • Have pre-coated steel to prevent rust and allows for easy filed finishing and paint adhesion
  • Ideal for multi-family construction and remodeling
  • Steel-edged constructed to provide security, durability and strength

All Sunroc exterior doors are designed to meet ENERGY STAR requirements and are made from reliable, low maintenance materials. When you purchase through Sunroc, you can know your exterior door is made of high quality materials, is energy efficient, and something your neighbors will be jealous of. Let us help you create the perfect Utah home with an entryway crafted with a custom

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Make a lasting impression with your front door.