Utah Window Styles

The Sunroc Window Division offers a variety of window styles and materials to help you get the right window replacement for your home or space. We are happy to offer vinyl window replacement, or wood or fiberglass window installation to best match your style and personal preferences. Scroll through the windows below, or contact a Sunroc Utah window specialist to find the window that will work best for your project.

Vinyl Window Installation, Replacement, or Repair

Vinyl windows offer Utah homeowners a virtually maintenance-free window with high energy efficiency. Vinyl windows are not painted or stained. Because the color of the vinyl window extends through the entire frame, dents and scratches are not obvious, making vinyl a great choice for family homes. The air chambers within the vinyl structure offer added insulation, reducing your energy bills and sound transmission – keeping your home quieter year round. Contact us for replacing your old windows or installing new windows.

Wood Window (Clad Window) Installation, Replacement, or Repair

Wood has been a popular window choice for decades. Unlike vinyl windows, wood windows allow more customization as they can be painted and/or stained to match the interior and exterior design of a home. Wood is also a strong material and natural insulator. Downsides to wood windows include maintenance and a disposition to rot, if not consistently maintained. Contact us for replacing your old windows or installing new windows.

Fiberglass Window Installation, Replacement, or Repair

Fiberglass windows are the newest option to hit the Utah market. Made from a strong and durable material, these windows offer the combined benefits of vinyl windows and wood windows. Fiberglass windows are low maintenance, yet can be painted or fit with wood veneer to give a warm, wood look without the upkeep. While more expensive than wood or vinyl options, the durability of the fiberglass window may provide extended value in a longer life cycle. Contact us for replacing your old windows or installing new windows.